What is Spitphase?

You’ve seen the past week all the ZUU Certified Partners on Instagram and Facebook posting their ‘huffing, puffing, physically gruelling’ ZUU #spitphase workouts and you’re wondering what on earth it’s all about?
We are growing better leaders, leaders with self-belief.

Why would anyone put themselves through that day after day- but why are they so invested in getting it done?

Nathan here talks about the WHY- and it’s not about their fitness!
Anyone can do a ZUU course, but only those who want to continually grow, who want to be serving the public as better trainers, better leaders, better people- they are our ZUU Certified Partners.

They are the only ones who we willingly recommend any member of the public to go to train with- because they consistently dig deeper into ZUU and its purpose and invest in themselves- it’s not just a bunch of moves you can hack off Youtube!
If you want to learn how to be a better leader, how to harness your self-belief- keep an eye out for our upcoming Gradus Workshops.

ZUU and it’s use in Elite Sports

We have been telling people for 10 years the value of getting all sports people moving better to increase their performance, to decrease their risk of injury and to lengthen their playing time in their chosen sport.

Now this sometimes gets brushed over- ‘burpees will cut it, we do pistol squats and planks, that’s plenty of bodyweight training for these guys!’

So,  Stop what you are doing and listen to a professional- Ex – Springbok player, Prop coach -Gurthro Steenkamp, (Steenkamp Fitness in France)  has been taking his Props players through ZUU now to increase their mobility and performance.

Here’s what he has to say:


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The course is now available Online, as Gurthro has done- you can register directly here

That’s Spanish for ‘Movement’, ZUU across the globe.

ZUU is global and has had a huge impact on lots of people across the globe.

This Spanish article Here: 


This is where Zuu combines the movements of some 30 species with specific aerobic and anaerobic work.

“In addition to a massive loss of fat due to the high intensity of the exercises, we say that in terms of muscle mass men increase it and women tone it,” said Helberg.

“They will increase their strength by 30% between six to eight weeks without significantly increasing their muscle mass, which is often important for women who do not like to be bulky.”

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ZUU across the globe, teaching Human Movement in fitness.

10 year Anniversary of ZUU being the world’s first HiLiT (High Intensity Low Impact Training)

While we go through the media and articles that have been written over the years on ZUU we find some that we remember and others that we have no memory of doing!  Link to full article here

Here some of the articles to help us celebrate 10 years of teaching movement – movement with purpose as opposed to just ‘fitness’.

Movement is for life.

ZUU Bodyweight training courses are helpful to all your client’s long term health needs.

As written by Sarah Berry–  a lifestyle and health writer at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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Nathan Helberg teaching Bear Crawls as one of his foundation ZUU moves, since 2009 ZUU has been the leader in Bodyweight movements

“So the Gold Coast gym owner dropped the weights and dropped down onto his knees. Literally. He returned to where we all started and began crawling and after refining his movement to incorporate squatting, leaping and body-weight play, Iron ZUU (the animal vibe is intentional), was born.

His focus is enhancing mobility (as distinct from flexibility), the most important element missing from many people’s fitness regimes, he believes.”



Momentum Podcast Have you lost momentum in your life? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Then listen in!

In this podcast Nathan sheds light on how he views momentum and uses it on a daily basis. Nathan talks about the importance of analysing momentum in your life on a daily basis and why this is crucial. Always energetic and inspiring with his podcasts, let Nathan inspire you to understand how he sees momentum and why you need it in your life to achieve the dreams you are aiming for.

Are You For Real?

Podcast image for ZUU- Liberating Human Movement. Nathan Helberg discusses mindset and challenges in this podcast

Social media- love it or hate it, its a big part of our lives now, but what is the biggest risk to your sense of self?, It’s not what you think it is.




Vehicle of Change

In the latest Podcast from Nathan, he discusses how ZUU transcends mere fitness.

As a fitness brand what ZUU is creating is more than just a physical change by those using and teaching it.

You can listen in here or join via the iTunes Podcast app to keep up to date as they are released.

Nathan’s ZUU Podcast coming to iTunes soon…….

Do you like to listen to Podcasts? Well we listened to the feedback and more people wanted to learn from Nathan via podcast so we have just started the first episodes on itunes!

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ITunes Podcast- The ZUU- Liberating Human Movement

Empowering the human element in a digital age.

The international bodyweight training system that is more about connecting people than fitness.

Founder Nathan Helberg inspires people globally as a movement consultant, presenter and entrepreneur. His training modality ZUU, is used in elite sports, PTI’s, coaches and teachers around the world through face to face and online certifications. His HiLiT training mode- ZUU has been proven a global leader in fitness since hitting the market in 2009.

Nathan is an expert when it comes to forming culture and understanding the importance of human fundamentals. Building a global community aligned through common purpose where people come first and fitness second.

Family, people, leadership, self development, mental resilience and everything else that ZUU touches makes Nathan an inspiration to listen to.