What is a ZUU Affiliate?

A ZUU Affiliate is a PT or Coach that has been accredited in ZUU level 1 or ZUU Bronze as a minimum.

  • Continue their growth as a ZUU trainer- your successful training takes longer than just a day course.
  • ‘Your first ZUU workout’ to watch, learn and print out to use for the first few months so you can excel in culture first.
  • Legal use of The ZUU name, ZUU Registered Affiliate logo and promotional materials.
  • Promotion on the website WORLDZUU.com
  • Support from The ZUU on specific & general issues. The ZUU vigorously protects its brand and those licensed to use The ZUU name.
  • Weekly workouts from Nathan & his ZUU trainers.
  • updates and business ideas, media files for you to use to promote your business.
  • This is a 12 month subscription minimum.
  • In order to be able to teach ZUU in a client/trainer situation you will need to have the relevant Public Liability coverage for your country.

PLEASE NOTE: Fill out the request and once your course participation has been approved you will be activated. 

 Read the FAQ’s for the terms and conditions.


You will not get direct access to the Affiliates until your course has been approved.


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Affiliate FAQs

What is the cost of Affiliation?

$25 USD each month for 12 months.

Is this a Franchise?

No. Our ZUU affiliates are held by the individual Fitness Professional. IRON ZUU is the only authorized Franchise in the group of companies.

If I purchase a URL/business name, does this meant I own that name?

You may own the domain, but the use of “ZUU or The ZUU” in your domain is unlicensed and illegal, and The ZUU Pty LTD can legally force you to give it up.

The use of the ZUU name cannot be utilised in any business names or social media group names.

You cannot claim a whole area/suburb or city as yours- eg “ZUU Sydney”.   We recommend you use your business name and then use the ZUU along with that. eg Laura’s ZUU gym. By using an area name you will be asked to take it down and remove the ZUU name off all business advertising and social media.

If I become an Affiliate does this mean I can credential other trainers in ZUU?

NO- Our Master Trainers are the only ones authorized to certify any trainers. All courses must come through the Official ZUU Company.

No ZUU material – eg: Manual, Images, Teaching descriptions- can ever be reproduced for public distribution. All Website and printed material is covered under Global Copyright.

You are authorized to only train members of the public as the authority in training- you may not train other fitness professionals in an official  teacher role.

For Face to face Certifications- choose your nearest on the course calendar.

For Online Course- purchase via the shop page

Can I run a ZUU class at a gym?

Yes. As a ZUU Affiliate with Certificate of Affiliation you have the legal right to run and advertise a ZUU  in a Gym , Fitness Centre or Community Centre. If you are running a Group X class you MUST be an Affiliate.

The names IRON ZUU, the ZUU are all Trademark registered and not open for anyone except for Franchisees to use. The ZUU IP HOLDINGS PTY LTD is the legal owner to all ZUU names.


As a Gym owner, how do I get Affiliated?

First step is to get your trainers Certified. Next step is the option for the individual trainers to become licensed Affiliates or the gym to pay monthly license fees on a 12 month contract.

If I am a certified ZUU trainer but don't want to become an Affiliate, how can I use the name legally?

You can call yourself a ZUU trainer. You may want to list your ZUU certification on a business card, resume, BIO/ qualifications type of page. Nothing more.

You CANNOT use the ZUU name in any other business or promotional way unless you Affiliate. ONLY Affiliation gives you the legal right to use the ZUU name for business and /or promotional purposes.

You cannot run ZUU as a Group X class in a Gym or studio or community centre.

Can I do ZUU classes for kids?

As an Affiliate if you hold the right insurances to run fitness classes with children we certainly encourage engaging children with ZUU. However this is separate to our ZUU CHIMPS school program running in many countries. To learn more about this click here.

Is ZUU on Social Media?

Want to follow Nathan Helberg?

Can I use ZUU Logos on my shirts?

ZUU Affiliates are given certain logos they use in their own business shirt printing. They cannot print shirts for sale to clients but can purchase group amounts at a discount off ZUU Pty LTD directly.  elissa@worldzuu.com  PLEASE NOTE- The ZUU Affiliate logo is the only logo for printing use- it is very easily misprinted and The ZUU IP Holdings (trademark owner) can request you reprint if it is printed in reverse. Before you outlay money in printing we suggest you email for confirmation that it is suitably set up.


How do I become a ZUU Affiliate?

Fill out our simple form and well will send you more information about becoming an affiliate.

Become a ZUU Affiliate


This is a 12 Month subscription. Cancellation will cost the remainder of the 12 months left, you can cancel after the 12 months at any time, you will have to cease using the Affiliate logo. By joining you agree to this.