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ZUU is the world’s no. 1 course in human movement and you can now get it anywhere in the our online course!

Welcome to our NEW Online Class Course!!

We understand with so much interest in ZUU globally that our online delivery is crucial to maintain our mission of Liberating Human Movement.

Therefore ZUU Creator, Nathan Helberg wanted to give our online trainers the BEST possible experience to date!

It was that important to him to inspire our online trainers we were able to secure him to film ALL NEW video content.

Here Nathan brings ZUU to LIFE!

With stories gained over the years relating to our history, heritage, culture, programming and more!

These additional videos are all broken down into easy to cover modules as Nathan personally takes you on an amazing journey of ZUU.

We have created more of a learning structure to help you keep momentum towards certification and qualification to become a ZUU affiliate.


By the end of your class course, you’ll be able to..

Describe what ZUU is and why it exists
Describe the heritage and why we are so proud of this
Describe what ZUU culture is and why its so unique
Demonstrate ALL level 1 movements with regressions and progressions
Identify additional features of ZUU towards HIIT training
Identify the formatting of ZUU and how to practically apply them with traditional training
Describe how to use ZUU to meet any clients fitness needs
Your Journey


 What you can expect.

To achieve the objectives, we’ll cover the following:

Brand NEW video content to give deeper understanding to our written modules
History of ZUU
Heritage of ZUU
ZUU Culture
Science of ZUU
Anchor movements of Bronze
General movements of Bronze
Weapon movements ofBronze
Programming and integration of ZUU
Class structure over two weeks to help you complete your work for assessment
First hand knowledge by ZUU creator Nathan Helberg to inspire you
Certification asBronze level and qualification for affiliation with ZUU
Our aim is to earn your respect through our content. Inspire you with our purpose. Deliver the most engaging online course available so you can join the global ZUU family as we continue to spread #Truth

UK & Europe ZUU Bronze Level

ZUU Bronze level

ZUU Bronze level will give trainers tremendous value:

  • Understand human movement in all aspects
  • Grasp the concepts of high intensity training
  • Understand progression and regression as it relates to high intensity training and how to cater to your clients needs
  • Exponentially increase your ability to motivate your clients
  • Shift your thinking in the way your body is designed to move and more!

£249 GBP


ZUU Bronze

ZUU Bronze is the first course to come out of ZUU HQ designed by Nathan Helberg. This course will be like no other continuing education course you have done. You will experience all the Cobra Level 1 moves but you will also be introduced to ZUU culture. The course is a mixture of practical and theory based. By the end of the day you should be able to take these ZUU movements into a whole class or insert ZUU movements into your PT sessions. The course generally kicks off with a 1 hour ZUU session then runs for approximately 7 hours. It is a long day with a lot of hard work so please bring enough food and drinks to make it through the day. Thanks for choosing ZUU, We look forward to seeing you on the course. Get in touch!!

10 CEC Points

Printed certificate


You want to learn the ZUU training ways – now you can. A 10 CEC, Fitness Australia Online registered course – you can complete this Bronze level ZUU Course ANYWHERE in the world! ZUU creator – Nathan Helberg, takes you through the moves, teaches you about Culture and all the ZUU ways to enhance your clients ZUU experience.

Once you have completed this course you will be invited to join the ZUU trainers Facebook group from around the world to encourage and inspire each other. Keep track of the latest training by Nathan Helberg himself and be able to participate in the ZUU affiliate program – EXPOSING your business to people wanting to do ZUU around the world.

£249 GBP


This is an online course. You will need internet access to participate. The manual will be posted to you but is only a guide. All the moves and technical development will be available through a locked portal. In order to achieve your accreditation you must be able to perform all ZUU moves and be able to have your work assessed through a video submission component.