The Journey Ahead

I often liken the journey of ZUU to my distant ancestors that sailed the open oceans of the pacific.

Long before technology allowed us to not only navigate through the treacherous seas but carry supplies that lasts for months. These brave and courageous people used skills passed down through millennia of reading the stars and using their intuition to survive and indeed thrive.

Through their relentless effort and passion the islands like pebbles in the ocean were bridged and brought together.

The journey of ZUU has often felt like being in a canoe or outrigger being tossed about by a turbulent sea. Waves looming ahead in the form of challenges that needed to be overcome whether on a personal level, family level or global scale could easily have capsized a small vessel if not navigated with a clear purpose.

In these situations like my ancestors of old there is only one thing to do. Define your direction or purpose and make sure this is still driving you forwards. Then stop the talk and put your back into the grind for action is required. Our NEW logo, website and direction testament to this fact.

ZUU has answered every challenge and has grown into a global community, one that I never could have imagined. I truly believe the pillars it is founded on of #EarningRespect having #Empathy for one another and always showing #Humility will continue to spread ZUU across the oceans long after I am gone.

For these ways have nothing to do with training or fitness but have everything to do with being human. And like days of old, ZUU is bringing people back together…to belong.

The future of ZUU will see myself, our affiliates and certified trainers work tirelessly to continue to spread #Truth in all we come across around this beautiful globe. For the pillars of ZUU underpin the WHY of ZUU or the PURPOSE.


Nathan Helberg