10 year Anniversary of ZUU being the world’s first HiLiT (High Intensity Low Impact Training)

While we go through the media and articles that have been written over the years on ZUU we find some that we remember and others that we have no memory of doing!  Link to full article here

Here some of the articles to help us celebrate 10 years of teaching movement – movement with purpose as opposed to just ‘fitness’.

Movement is for life.

ZUU Bodyweight training courses are helpful to all your client’s long term health needs.

As written by Sarah Berry–  a lifestyle and health writer at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

ZUU, RLT Training, DaRulk, Chris hemsworth, centr app, bear crawls.
Nathan Helberg teaching Bear Crawls as one of his foundation ZUU moves, since 2009 ZUU has been the leader in Bodyweight movements

“So the Gold Coast gym owner dropped the weights and dropped down onto his knees. Literally. He returned to where we all started and began crawling and after refining his movement to incorporate squatting, leaping and body-weight play, Iron ZUU (the animal vibe is intentional), was born.

His focus is enhancing mobility (as distinct from flexibility), the most important element missing from many people’s fitness regimes, he believes.”

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